How to Make Wiser Choices at Restaurants


Meal prepping and packing your own meals is good on both the bank account and waistline. It helps prevent us from getting lunch at our workplace’s cafeteria or favorite burger joint down the street. However, sometimes we have to compromise when it comes to going to events at restaurants such as workplace meetings or our best friend’s birthday party. Having restaurant food once in a while does not hurt. In all essence, eating at restaurants has more of a social component which is a human need in life.

For those who want to stick to weight loss goals, there is a way to navigate a menu at a restaurant. The majority of restaurants do provide healthier alternatives to some of their dishes. For example, you can substitute french fries for a garden salad. Here are some other tips for making wiser choices at restaurants.

#1 Don’t arrive hungry. Have a serving of fruit before you arrive to control hunger. This tip also helps you savor food.

#2 You do not have to eat everything. Try eating half of the items on your plate and taking the rest home (or let someone else eat the rest).

#3 Order items that are steamed, poached, baked, grilled, or roasted.

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#4 Drink alcohol with precaution. Alcohol contains a high amount of calories and can stimulate appetite. Order a glass of wine or a cocktail and sip it slowly with your dinner. Make sure to drink plenty of water too during dinner.

#5 Eat slowly. This tip helps break down food for better digestion. Put the fork down until you have chewed food properly. Plus, it will help you enjoy the conversation at the table.

#6 If possible, be the first person to order. Ordering first helps feeling tempted by other people’s orders.


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